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Yedagun International School

Location: Mandalay

Project Year: 2015-

Typology: Education

Yedagun International school is the part of an ambitious master- planning sitting on the foot of Yedagun mountain, Mandalay. The idea influences by Kirigami, a Japanese art which reforms paper. Our approach is to re-think the typical courtyard typology through Kirigami, use it as a tool to create a fluid and kinetic space.


The school attempts to provide 300 students of all range from primary to high school. It provides 40 high-standard classroom, several specialized labs and studios and a 600-m2 library. The school also contains multi sport court, both indoor and outdoor as well as two canteen, one for early- stage student and the other for senior one . The 600-seat auditorium at the South with public access not only serves the school but also host public events and exhibitions.

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