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EIGH-T (8) is a collaborative architectural practice based in Ho Chi Minh city. Working across diverse scales, 8 aims to enhance spatial quality aesthetically and functionally.

The team delivers architectural projects in a professional methodology, provides architectural BIM products to achieve efficiency and mobility as well as creates a friendly interactive environment for clients to approach projects.

8 has a multicultural experience in Asia, delivering several projects in Viet Nam and Myanmar (some in cooperation with Archetype group) in various scales and types. Notable projects include E-Town central, a 67,000 m2 office building, Natmauk executive residence, and Star City master planning. EIGH-T has as well focused on many small-scale projects as a chance to explore the possibility of spatial structure.

THE 3 “I”


We believe architecture is not to be reproduced. Each individual project is a unique challenge amongst existing conditions, culture, economy, and psychology, thus carries distinctive solutions. The result, therefore, is never a mere product of either form or function but an outcome of the multifarious investigation.

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In Client’s Shoes

We perceive architecture as an evolution rather than a conclusion. By involve with your projects not only from the aesthetic and technical point of view but also from the economy of the project, we will flourish the design in all aspects that we believe is the best solution for the client.

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Technology is the future. At EIGH-T, we believe that the technology will be the main force to support the more productive as well as thorough studies during the design process. By using BIM technology, we enhance the control of the project through the three-dimensional platform, thus makes it accessible for clients to understand the project better.

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