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Yangon Housing Study

Location: Yangon

Project Year: 2014

Typology: Research, Residential

Housing scene in Yangon is uncontrollable in term of urban planning and individual plot. While “condos” typology recently takes charge of the situation, it’s hard to believe many Yangon citizens could afford one by their own economy context.Our idea attempts to transform 6 elements: plans, facade, roof, interactive staircase (currently escape staircase at the back), backyard garden and elevated urban forest.The project, instead of attempting to change people’s life, putting their destiny on the own hands. Each element requires user to adjust and mobilize as their own wish. The concept of this research is not something inventive as these elements were mentioned or used at some point, however, the combination of all of these elements and handing the main role to users rather than the elements itself is our foremost ambition.

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