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Rabbithole Bar

Location: Ho Chi Minh City

Project Year: 2017-2018

Typology: Commercial

Rabbithole is one of many rising concept cocktail bar in Ho Chi Minh city. The concept is to lead the customers from the real life experience to the different world. At the gate welcomed the glass- block portal like an iceberg. This leads the users through the dark alley which ends up with completely different space: an Art-deco inspired bar.


By adding up a clustered column system in between the existing columns, the space borrows the Venice Gothic touch that contrast between the solid and lightness of structure, express the richness into space. Moreover, the act divides the space to make it cozier. The lighting design which focuses only at the table and bar counter to highlight the customers and the cocktail itself. The whole things are constructed to celebrate the art of making cocktail.

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