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Mytel Flagship Showroom

Location: Yangon

Project Year: 2016-2017

Typology: Commercial

Mytel flagship showroom was the first showroom of Viettel, an international tele-communication company in Yangon, Myanmar. 

The facade pattern is the replicate of the brand logo multiple, creating the vibrant look even from afar. The interior concept was based on Pantheon in term of spatial structure. Make use with the existing vault, the design emphasizes that by bringing it deeper. The inner space open up to the curve counter and reflective ceiling. The main counter is the central piece to enhance movement inside the showroom from left to right while the reflective ceiling is to double the space.

The showroom produces the vibrant and warm feel holistically, in contrast with vivid techno look of typical showroom, while does not lose the main program.

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