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CLW Showroom

Location: Yangon Myanmar

Project Year: 2020

Typology: Commercial

CLW Showroom will be built to serve as the sales center for CLW, the affordable housing project in Hlaing Thayar, West Yangon. The structure itself embodies the idea behind CLW, both simple and aesthetically pleasant. 

An elongated opaque timber facade contrasts by the only opening that signifies the entrance as the first of the space sequence. After entering a lobby, customers will orient themselves to the left toward the skylight above the curved staircase as the focal point of the space. The ground floor is well lit by skylight system to emphasize the main event space as well as discussion area. Then the customers will be guided to an outdoor swimming pool and  gym area. The sequence ends at the leisure area, where the customers is served with beverage and have light discussions with the sales agents. The whole journey aims to provide an unique experience for any customers who set foot inside the showroom.

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