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Location: Vietnam

Project Year: 2022

Typology: Commercial

Angels’ Share is the bar in Ho Chi Minh city that exclusively dedicates to the Whiskey society. The existing space is a part of the old French colonial style house which was divided between 3 owners. The access is limited only to the upper through the staircase. Taking the constraint of the place, the design intention is to use the lower floor as the transitional tunnel from the urban world to the main bar. The entrance is left banal that own its style to the existing. The staircase plays as the first impression to the space. The ribbon-like railing curves all the way which leads to the main space on the upper floor.

The main concept of the bar is inspired by the anatomy of an obelisk and the staggering dome of the Chapel of Holy Shroud in Torino. The uppermost ceiling is made of brass which is an ancient idea of imitating the Sun, while the geometry of the Dome reminisces the sacred feeling of being inside the chapel. The form of the Dome is sliced into 18 layers, transfer from a geometric shape into an elliptic shape to the top. The Dome itself dominates the space, intents to bring both strangeness yet familiarity.  

The color theme is used the same palette of "Nighthawk" by Edward Hopper, which was an original name of the bar. By using 6 different hues of turquoise from dark to bright, the space itself seems stretched vertically, looks even more grandiose than its 6-meter structure.


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