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Location: Texas, USA

Project Year: 2023

Typology: Culture

The new extension of Café Oshima’s, while being the continuity to the existing space, aims to bring the “Neighborhood café” concept close to reality through light, form and materiality.


The expansion achieves the main commercial request from our client, which is to add 20 indoor seats that can accommodate various types of customers and provide visibility to the shop. The existing façade is opaque with the only opening is the café’s door. The two punch-holes at different eye level heights create visual connection to both the passers and the café’s customers.

The design opens the roofs at 2 locations to capture natural light from both East and West. The constant changing quality of natural light, either from a sharp ray of light during a clear day or a half light on a cloudy day, brings the comforting feeling of knowing the passage of time. The folding plywood ceiling with pine beams create warmness and sophistication to the space, as well as carry on the theme of existing ground floor area. The woven floor pattern which is mixed between black matt tiles with dark grey semi-polish tiles, brings dynamic to the floor without being too stand-out.

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